Alfonsi Gallery

The Alfonsi Gallery was established in 1983 and it is located in the heart of Vicenza, in Northeast Italy, 45 minutes east of Venice. Mr. Giulio Alfonsi is proud to offer over 25 years of experience, with the highest scholarly expertise, and the most personalized customized service to his clients. His purpose is to create an intimate and confidential relationship where he advises the client to build and develop their art collection so they can have a piece of living history in their homes or business. He strongly feels that the desire to possess and to be surrounded by beautiful things is an essential part of human nature. An old master painting of high quality gives the appreciation of tradition, the art, and depth of human expression.

Throughout the years he has participated in several art exhibitions: From 1986 through 2010 he attended “Mostra dell’Antiquariato” in Vicenza, Venezia Padova, Torino and Milano.

Several paintings from Alfonsi Gallery have been exhibited at major international art fairs, including the following:

Antonio Guardi, Marten De Vos, Jacopo Bassano & Francesco Bassano

G. Antonio Guardi (main image left), Marten De Vos (top right),
Jacopo Bassano e Francesco Bassano (bottom right )

G. Antonio Guardi (left)

Portrait of Field Marshal Count Joahnn Matthias von der Schulenburg, head and shoulders, wearing the Star of the Order of the Black Eagle of Prussia. (Emdem 1661 – Verona 1747)

  • 2002 National Gallery of Australia
  • 2003 Venice “ Venetian Paintings”
  • 2005 Milan “Biennale Antiquari”
  • 2005 Gorizia “Pittura Veneta 1600-1700”
  • 2006 Paris, Louvre, Veneto Painters “ Canaletto, Guardi, Marieschi”


Marten De Vos (top right)

Rebecca e Eleazaro al Pozzo
(1532 – 1603)

  • 1995 Bruxelles, Palais Des Beaux Arts
  • 1995 Rome, Palazzo Delle Esposizioni”Fiamminghi a Roma 1508-1808″


Jacopo Bassano e Francesco Bassano (bottom right)

The Adoration of the Magi
(1549 – 1592)

  • 1998 Rome, Galleria Borghese


Visit the Gallery and meet Giulio Alfonsi in person and you will meet a gentleman whose passion for art is unique and contagious.

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